2018 Reinventing Quality Conference: Building an Infrastructure that Promotes Equity and Diversity

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Plenary Session
Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Maryland Ballroom

Building an Infrastructure that Supports Equity and Diversity: The Role of Cultural and Linguistic Competence
Tawara D. Goode, Georgetown University; Diana Autin, SPAN Parent Advocacy Network; Matthew Wappett, Utah State University

The intellectual and developmental disability community has been slow to embrace and establish infrastructures that support equity and diversity across racial, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic groups across the United States, its territories, and tribal communities. Although the literature is still emerging, there are well-documented disparities and disproportionality in systems of services and supports, education, health, and social services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities across the life cycle. This plenary panel will: 1) examine systemic inequities; 2) offer a definition and framework for equity within intellectual and developmental disabilities; and 3) describe current efforts to advance cultural and linguistic competence as approaches to build infrastructures for cultural diversity and equity.